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We design, build, service, repair, hire and operate a wide range of small to medium size ROVs. We are the UK distributor for Poseidon ROV systems, so we are able to design & build very capable ROVs and deliver them within short timescales. From our base in Orkney we also offer a fast maintenance, service and repair capability.

Recent Projects

DESIGN & Build

Poseidon ROV

Site survey

Scapa Flow

Hull inspection

Fish Farming Work Boat

Prop inspection

Scapa Flow

Inspection, test & repair



Object Retrieval


Rapid Mobilisation For Survey

Seabed Search

Item Lost Overboard

Site Survey

Multi-ROV Task

About Us

If we aren’t fixing ROVs, building them, operating them, we’ll be busy exploring the lesser known dive sites around Orkney and looking for long lost wrecks.

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